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Austin State Hospital

Nov. 2, 1975

First I want to tell you about a pleasant experience I had last weekend with a group of Christians from Denton.  Tom and Linda B., former Brentwood members who attended our retreat last spring along with Tom and Jackie I., planned the retreat.  It was at Lake Texhoma, Oklahoma. They are interested in our ministry for themselves.  They invited me to be with them Friday night through Sunday noon.  I spoke three times on Saturday and enjoyed meeting a number of individuals and talking privately with them.  Tom and Linda asked me to bring greetings to all their friends here.  (He did his intern year at Brackenridge Hospital and is now practicing family medicine in Denton.)  They also hope to visit here sometime before too long.

I plan to begin my “Hospital Diary” articles again in the near future. As many of you know, I am doing a nine-months internship as a chaplain at Austin State Hospital. I regret the time taken away from Brentwood, but at the end of this training, I hope to have not only a Hospital Chaplain’s certificate but some experience that will prove valuable to the entire congregation.   Part of the work there involves preaching at two services one Sunday a month at the chapel on the hospital grounds.  I miss services here on those Sundays, but I hope the sermons are helpful to the patients who attend the hospital.

I am still available for counseling and consultation or whatever way I can be of service.  If I am out of the office, please leave a message with the secretary, or call me at home in the evenings.  Thanks to all for your help and encouragement.

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