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At Least She Could Yell At You

A stranger to me, a young man of 26, walked into my office the other day and straightway announced that he wanted to get married.  No, he was not asking me to perform a ceremony.  He was wondering if I might know of a girl that would like to get married.  He was terribly lonely, living with his parents, an only child and a manual laborer.  As he put it, he thought it was about time that he enjoyed more fruits of his labors.

He said he needed a girl to come home to at night and to talk to when he got all nervous and upset.  He said, “Of course, she would have her own opinions, but at least she could yell at you.”  Later I thought, “Yes, you can count on that!  She would yell at you.”  E. R. Harper says women’s voices change after they get married.  He says they talk so sweet and nice before they marry and then one morning you wake up and hear your wife talk  and you would swear it was another girl, but it’s the same one.  Her voice has just changed.

But, the other pasture always looks greener, and even though  a husband gets yelled at once – in – awhile, perhaps it is much, much better than being lonely.  Yes it must be, because I do not “wish I was single again.”  I feel sorry for this young man and hope that he may find a girl who will make a suitable companion for him.

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